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We are here to provide solutions through the use of BIM technology in all your projects.

our services

Architecture Design

Structure Design

BIM Modeling

Photogrammetry Survey

Our Expertise

BIM Modeling

We are Providing BIM Model based on existing drawing or based on engineering calculation. We will carryout the model through each phase of construction from LOD 200 to LOD 400


We use photogrammetry to produce better understanding of the design in the context, also use for project supervision. We also use lidar data to produce a detail information of topography

Engineering Analysis

Engineering Analysis is the important activity to ensure reliability of the structure and safe design. Structural analysis, Foundation, soil strength, mechanical electrical are the range of our services.

BIM Collaboration

Collaboration is the key of the successful BIM Implementation, our services involve BIM Collaboration and Coordination

BIM Analyzing & Simulation

Animation is used to ensure how is the design match the requirements and aesthetical, we provides the animation sequence combined with VR Technology


We also provide good pricing for Bill of Material according to the specification and owner requirements

VR/AR Integration

integration of BIM with virtual reality (VR) where the user visualizes a virtual world and can interact with it. as the process of generating, storing, managing, exchanging, and sharing building information.

Lean Construction programme and Project Supervisio

Together to Change the project culture into lean to achieve project goal

Collaboration and coordination

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

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