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Digital Construction

Welcome to the future of construction planning with Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our comprehensive range of BIM services will revolutionize the way you approach your projects, from initial planning to detailed execution.

Pre- Construction

Experience the power of Digital Construction BIM in the pre-construction phase. Utilizing advanced technology and cutting-edge software, we create a comprehensive digital model of your project, allowing for accurate visualization, collaboration, risk mitigation, and optimized planning. Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace a smarter approach to pre-construction.

Post- Construction

Unlock the benefits of Digital Construction BIM even after your project is completed. Our post-construction services leverage BIM to provide accurate as-built documentation, streamline facility management, and enable efficient maintenance and renovations. With BIM, you can have a digital representation of your building, facilitating future decision-making and ensuring long-term sustainability.


Welcome to the future of construction planning with Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our comprehensive range of BIM services will revolutionize the way you approach your projects, from initial planning to detailed execution. Let’s explore the various Solution we provide.

3D BIM Modeling

Whether you have non-BIM planning data or starting from scratch, our experts will create detailed 3D models that bring your project to life. From conceptualization to precise detailing, we’ll ensure every element is accurately represented in the digital space.

BIM-Based Sheet Drawings

We create sheet drawings based on the BIM model, providing you with clear and accurate documentation that integrates seamlessly with the digital model, eliminating inconsistencies and improving efficiency.

Quantity Take-Off with BIM

Accurate quantity estimation is crucial for budgeting and procurement. Our BIM-based quantity take-off services leverage the detailed digital model to provide precise calculations, saving you time and ensuring accurate cost estimation.

4D/5D BIM Modeling

Take your project planning to the next level. We integrate the 3D model with schedules and cost data to create a dynamic 4D or 5D BIM model. This simulation enables you to visualize the project’s execution sequence, optimize scheduling, and monitor costs throughout the construction process

Clash Detection

Avoid costly conflicts and clashes on-site. Our clash detection services use advanced algorithms to identify clashes between different building systems or components. By resolving clashes in the digital model, we ensure smoother construction execution and reduce the need for rework.

Precise Modeling through Clash Detection

We utilize the information from clash detection to refine and enhance the accuracy of the BIM model. By resolving clashes and conflicts, we create a more precise and reliable model that reflects the real-world construction requirements.

Animation & Visualization

Bring your project to life with stunning animations. Our team can create customized animations tailored to your specific needs, including project visualizations, construction methods, and more. Visualize your project’s progress and showcase your vision with immersive animations.


Capture the real world in digital form. Using advanced imaging techniques, we can create accurate 3D models from photographs or laser scans, providing you with detailed representations of existing structures or sites. This information enhances your planning and design process.

VDC / Virtual Design Construction

Welcome to the world of Virtual Design Construction (VDC), where cutting-edge technology meets construction excellence. Our VDC services utilize the power of 4D/5D BIM to elevate your project evaluation, shop drawings, and real-time monitoring. Let’s delve into the benefits

Project Evaluation with 4D/5D BIM

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your project’s execution. By integrating the 4D/5D BIM model with project schedules and cost data, we create a visual simulation of the construction process. This powerful tool allows you to evaluate the feasibility of your project, optimize scheduling, and identify potential risks before construction begins.

BIM-Based Shop Drawings and As-Built Drawings

Say goodbye to manual and error-prone shop drawings. Our experts generate shop drawings and as-built drawings based on the BIM model, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and seamless integration with the digital model. This streamlines the coordination and communication between different project stakeholders, enhancing productivity and reducing errors during construction.

Dashboard for Real-Time Project Monitoring

Stay informed and in control throughout the construction process. Our customized dashboards provide real-time monitoring and reporting, consolidating data from various sources. From project progress to resource allocation, you’ll have access to key metrics and insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and mitigate potential delays or issues.